NetworkIgnite Social Application Design

Client: Startup group from California
Engagement: Complete User Experience, Visual Design / Branding

NetworksIgnite (NI) was founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco. NetworksIgnite’s founders discovered the need for a networking advisor while students at the Kellogg School of Management. NetworksIgnite is a lifelong networking advisor designed to help business professionals achieve their career and business goals by becoming purposeful networkers. NetworksIgnite delivers networking insights by combining easy to manage goals and alerts with intelligent monitoring of user networking behavior.

NI approached Prady with the concept to complete transform the product from a functional application to a product that motivates individuals to organize their professional life. Prady helped the redesign of NI Application, Corporate Site, Investor Pitches and Marketing collatorals. This effort tremendously helped NI founders to raise money and roll out the product to some of the top MBA schools in the country.

Prady also led the effort with marketing communication as well as creating a consistent visual identity. Some of this work included — corporate site, sales & promotional materials, investor pitches as well as product demos and learning materials.