Think. Decide. Design.

Prady is a unique UX consultancy and idea incubator. We are passionate about making things better for the end users, and strive to make our customers stand out among their competitors. Although driven by the end results, we make each step of the process rewarding, appealing and a learning experience.

Prady is a design & technology consultancy services to diversity of firms across the industry. We help commercial clients of various sizes and complexities — from a large financial institution in Washington DC to highly competent startups in Silicon Valley, California.

We also work with Public Sector, Federal Government and some of the most esteemed Non Profit Organizations. We are an 8(a) certified Small Minority Owned Business located in Washington DC Metro region.

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Our Difference

End-to-End, Iterative & Deep Thinking

We can see the jungle and zoom in to the trees. For every opportunity wee train ourself to understand the business, subject matter, industry & users to effectively understand the design, technology and business challenges. We focus on every problem from the perspective of big picture and try to get down to end-to-end journey for customers. We enjoy tremendous diversity of design challenges that we address. This prepares us to comprehend the big picture, and accumulate the deep subject matter knowledge and know-how.

Open & Entrepreneurial

Our love for what we do is contagious — it makes the whole journey engaging. Not to repeat, but we deal with diversity — working with complex organizations with tricky problems, small startups with world changing ideas, and everyone in between. This perpares us to be imaginative, entrepreneurial, open, flexible and highly opportunistic.
We truly believe in results, but we know that the processes that leads to the result is more fun and brings everyone together. We demonstrate openess to meet the goals. Our methodology depicts the same — openness, inclusion and effective communication. We often use workshops, design sessions, co-creation & rapid prototyping and group activities to solicite ideas and promote the openess.

Focus on Learning, Results & Fun!

We practice and believe that we are only as good as our last project. We do not fear of failure but from not learning from the tough challanges. We sheldom take a project that doesn’t offer freedom, openness and learning.
We are passionate about learning and focused on the end results. One of the unique part of our engagement is to learn from the project and also help the client learn from us and enhance their capabilities. This helps us be a positive catalyst, drive tangible change and break the deadlocks. We help our customers and partners with niche design & strategic thinking. We are small but carry a pool of highly qualified Designers & Consultants.

Our Founder


Our founder is an exceptional consultant, advisor and thought leader in the area of Digital Transformation, Customer Experience & User Experience Design. He coaches his team, partners and customers in the topic of Design & Architecture, Product Identity & Branding, Innovation & Creativity, Communication & Strategy.
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