Organizational Change

03 Nov '19

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Content Intelligence

Big Picture

Welcome to the Digital Age. At this stage one can expect nothing less than overwhelming, mis-information and diminishing-trust from individuals and institutions (Govt., Media & Pundits). Most surprisingly, the experts now don’t trust their own expertise. In my … Read More

10 Jun '19

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Creativity & Chaos

One of the occupational hazard of being a designer is to constantly thrown in a situation that is undefined, vague and complex. Unless one finds the idea or conceptual model that address the problem and points in a direction, … Read More

14 Feb '14

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Mobility and culture of ‘work’

Since last several years I have been consulting and advising my own clients. All this is while working remotely and often at my own timezones way beyond 9-5 . I never enjoyed working 9-5 or understood the concept of 40 … Read More