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12 Nov '20

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25 May '20

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Edward de Bono – The God of Creativity

Edward de Bono is among the greatest in the domain of Creativity as Thomas Edison was to Electrical Inventions. He has popularized role of creativity from Education Systems to the Business Management. His systematic approach has helped demystify ‘creativity’ as … Read More

03 Nov '19

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Content Intelligence

Big Picture

Welcome to the Digital Age. At this stage one can expect nothing less than overwhelming, mis-information and diminishing-trust from individuals and institutions (Govt., Media & Pundits). Most surprisingly, the experts now don’t trust their own expertise. In my … Read More

10 Jun '19

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Creativity & Chaos

One of the occupational hazard of being a designer is to constantly thrown in a situation that is undefined, vague and complex. Unless one finds the idea or conceptual model that address the problem and points in a direction, … Read More

22 Aug '17

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11 Jan '17

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Conversational interfaces and Next Generation of Design Thinking

In the beginning of Internet there was this idea that if we share the information via your website, customers will be enchanted. This served as means to build a basic online presence and brought customers to the web from various … Read More

27 Nov '14

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The Future of Business Data Connectivity & Systems Integration

The landscape of enterprise applications is changing very fast. Enterprise IT that includes security, management, governance and analytic is becoming increasingly complex. Now more than ever before, pace of new technologies are lowering cost for running business and improving … Read More

14 Apr '14

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Thinking Through Hands – Visual Story Telling

Visual Communication is best form of communication. With the pace of technology getting faster and information load increasing with each day it’s even more pertinent to communicate effectively and succinctly. This idea may not be obvious to many professionals that operate in … Read More

10 Apr '14

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Strategic Framework for Understanding Mobile Context of Use


Most of the new ideas are developed by looking for inspirations within industry and checking our peers or competitors. This is an important part of the research, but drawing an exact mould for your product from … Read More

18 Feb '14

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Why business should consider migrating to Mobile Applications

Technology is the biggest disrupter and it has been the biggest agent of change since past several decades. And believing that the tech rally is over may be a bit presumptive. In fact, the pace is going to be faster, … Read More