Navigation – complete brand transformation with User Experience & Content Strategy

Task/activities performed:

  • Vision of new web
  • User Experience strategy
  • Visual Design & Branding
  • Information Architecture
  • Product Requirement Management
  • Content Strategy & Modeling
  • CMS solution
  • Executive Communication

Duration: 2009 – 2013

World Bank is one of the largest, most influential, diverse group for global development economics. Their tagline — “knowledge of the world” imbibes their most recent aspirations. In 2007, they were severely criticized for not doing enough for sharing the knowledge about global development economics. This led to a new era to transform Bank’s web and communication architecture with focus on improved user experience and new content strategy.

Prady played an important role in materializing World Bank’s vision for the new world. He played key role in shaping the vision, setting up multi-year program for meeting the program objectives and leading the key functions of new platform development. As an Advisor and User Experience lead Prady played a pivotal role during his 4 years tenure during this transformation.


The challenge

As an ace information architect, and a leading proponent of User Experience methodology for digital transformation, this project offered some of the best and complex problems to Prady.

  • Providing a consistent experience to audience as diverse as academicians, researchers, students, financial analysts, corporate, government and think-tank. And catering this knowledge in more than 56 international languages
  • Combining knowledge comprising of — Document, Projects, Data, News, Social, Transactions, Countries and Topics related content
  • Integrating Multiple systems comprising of — Document Management, Project Transactions, Data Indicators, Content Management Systems and Asset Libraries
  • Unifying Content Model referencing from World Bank’s Enterprise Taxonomy and modeling an effective web taxonomy, meta-data & site structure for new web inside Adobe CQ.

There couldn’t have been any better project for an Information Architect & a Content Strategist than The World Bank’s transformation. At least in 2008, when it was first started.


 To be continued…