AgencyIQ – New Product envisioning, designing & branding for Politico

Health and life sciences’ business across the world deal with several problems but the most complex is to make sense of the regulatory processes that dictates the future of their products. To handle ever changing regulations businesses have to keep an eye on several of government agencies to follow — rule making, interpreting legal notices and predicting their future moves. is a new web application that delivers rich regulatory data, information and document to its high profile users. With its impressive and extremely modern design standards, AgencyIQ facilitates collaboration to achieve regulatory compliance and discovery. This is a new product developed by Politico and serves customers in BioTech, Pharma and MedTech business.

Our Engagement

Most of our clients hire us not only to build or modernize their products, but to help advance their Product Teams to develop a better understanding of their customer segments, design strategy, product roadmaps and helping successfully lunch the product. Agency IQ is an excellent example of how we bring breath and depth of product capabilities to the table.

Customer Research & Product Branding

Qualitative & quantitative research; customer surveys, interviews and focus groups; segmentation and need analysis, personae development, customer Journey Mapping; idea gathering & generation; product identity, company branding, content voice and tone.

Product Design & Architecture

Creative sessions & ideation workshops; product design, prototype testing, information architecture; content models & strategy, responsive Web UI Design & front end development; visual design, product identity & logo development.

Product Marketing & Launch Strategy

Engineering and development support; launch website design, product marketing & communication planning & design, social media campaign; content development, images & photography

Customer Research, Product Strategy & Design Thinking Workshops

User Research - agencyIQ

Very first phase of all new product develop involves confirming or establishing what customer's want, validation of idea with customers needs, and establishing a concrete vision. We achieve these by involving the entire organization in the process and brining a clear understanding of customers' need to inform the roadmap and a sense of urgency.

Product strategy, design thinking workshops & establishing foundation for product & technology architecture

We help our customers throughout the entire journey from establishing vision to successfully roll out product. Laying down the foundation involves brining all stakeholders to focus on customer experience, developing modern content model & information architecture, and establishing the right technology architecture in place.

Architecture - agencyIQ-2

Product Marketing & Launch

As much as we like working with ideas and strategy during the discovery phase, we also like to ascertain that our strategy gets executed flawlessly. We make sure to execute every aspect of successful product launch. We help product & marketing develop a campaign to make the new product gets the needed appreciation from the customers. For this reasons, we help develop launch site, online support and marketing communication to inform and convince the audience.

Product Design & Branding 1
Product Design & Branding 2