ColorTokens – Designing ZeroTrust Network Security

One of the common corollary that is used to articulate challenges faced by modern enterprises is that they are at getting submerged in the sea of data. Managing enormous users, data traffic, end points, environments, ports, protocols and policies is the metaphorical ‘sea’. Finding an intrusion, an anomaly is extremely cumbersome undertaking unless one uses the new design paradigms along with the modern technology to do a good job. This is not the challenge the conventional human capability can fathom, so comes the need to device a better Technology mouse trap, metaphorically speaking.

ZeroTrust Network Security answers the challenges of exposed to enormous endpoints, sea of data and detecting the anomalies before the damage is done (by insiders or aliens). Building a platform that can help do that requires creativity, collaboration and technology innovations that conforms to new mental models.

ColorToken Ideation

Building an innovative product that never existed before requires a very sound design approach. It takes courage, trust from the team along with experienced minds and skilled hands. Once the initial idea is vetted with customers and technologists, the process becomes methodical and can be institutionalized. But the first step is the key nonetheless. Many of our clients hire us, despite having their own competent teams, to innovate and bring creative solutions to establish a model that is par excellent than those that existed.

We led ColorTokens team to craft product features that fits with the customers mental model. This progress required many design sessions, evaluating with experts and improvising the design iteratively.

We worked quite iteratively with various stakeholders to define the product model. Once it passed the test with experts, we helped technology build the the frontend using our style guides, design patterns, widgets and data visualization charts. One of our greatest secret in our Design Management Methodology. This methodology helps us effectively communicate the design along with Product Managers to Development team spread across geographies and timezones.

Once we establish the foundation of the product — network topology, segments, policies, user management, workflows and data models -- we moved to craft an experience that helps users stay in touch, be informed about the system at a glance to be able to manage and oversee the systems without diving at each details. At this layer we crafted dashboard charts, reports and useful notifications.

Dashboard & Insights

Finally, at the tail end of the engagement we made sure that the product has great design foundation. It has always been utmost important for us to make every design a signature product — that establishes a product with distinctive identity and personality. ColorToken is a great example of building an innovative idea with design thinking.

ColorTokens Widgets