Data Security & Compliance Platform

Silicon Valley based Enterprise Services firms approached us to design and help develop a suite of product to transform their business offering — moving from pure services to standardized product offering.


Appsian helps gather data logs from big enterprise systems to generate actionable insights for security and compliance. They used traditional log mining applications to monitor data and protect privacy. They wanted to build their own product and framework to package their service offerings as ’solution’. This falls under Platform as a Service (PaaS).

We helped develop Information Architecture, task model, process flows and delivered Appsian product that serves for Data Protection and Privacy Solution running on top of the major ERP Applications. It delivers Security & Compliance, Security Platforms for major ERP platforms (Oracle Peoplesoft, SAP, et. al.) and helps customers automate user activity monitoring by preventing phishing and stolen credentials

rich data screens Prady

With fine-brush-design for data visualization, user controls and analytics we have helped Appsian enable specific data elements (and the context of access) that dictates and enforces business policies. By combing Appsian’s existing solutions, we designed a solution that can achieve complete control and visibility over sensitive enterprise data.

Our approach in design lowers information overload and helps the business users manage their environment and context with least of friction with data and technology.

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Secret of Designing for Data Centric Security and Compliance Product

When designing a product, solution or a service deeply rooted in the enterprise technology realm it’s hard to gather design directions and execute traditional user research. It’s different than any other design approaches where personae & customer journey predicates the outcome.

Our deep work and knowledge about complex technology products and enterprise solutions helps us design technology solutions that helps achieve technology goals and speeds up development. We do not follow any conventional design mantras when it comes to dealing with enterprise application design. We focus on doing quick experiments that requires designing and testing and only stops at the solution that confirms the understanding of customers pain-points and probable solution. Our design leverages iterative and inclusive approach where we source the ideas from within the organizations and develop solutions with step-by-step approach. Our approach always achieves following results —

  • Assist users with a mental model that helps them make sense out of enormous amount of user log data. Our use of rick data visualization and notifications helps do that.
  • Provide users with most personalized & contextual information that is actionable, based on their role and responsibilities
  • And finally, letting technology consume lots of data and apply AI and ML technique to surface only the key anomalies so that users are prevented information overload