Volvo Trucks – Transforming Dealership Experience

Volvo Trucks in one of the top trucks manufacturer in the world. They own and operate 16,000 service centers. These service centers run and operate with older technologies (IBM mainframes, et. al.). Currently they use the conventional customer reps, and call center model of generate and manage services demands for parts and repairs. Volvo Trucks plans to modernize their technologies, while transforming their services with best of the bread solutions. They approached us to seek the design solution that is agnostic to ERP solutions but focuses on creating new opportunities and service models.

Think Client to Thin Client - Volvo Trucks

Some of the best Digital Transformation starts with focusing on customer experience, mapping their needs, and crafting a vision and direction for technology pieces to align together. We helped develop a compelling vision for Volvo’s Digital Transformation. We learned about numerous personae and their pain-points across various interactions. We mapped the Customer Journeys for the Service Center Experience depicting all Touch Points across Service Levels. We gathered ideas from the field research and customers interviews.

We engaged various stakeholders in the design process and developed a Proof-of-Concept (POC) using the new data services. The result was a functional application IPOC) and a most modern design framework to help Volvo all through the transformation.

Volvo Trucks Design Framework

One of the most impressive outcome of our design approach is that it helped Volvo prioritize the customer experience needs with a technology solution that is modular, agnostic (i.e. can work with any framework) to tech. solutions, and addresses the whole technology architectural & transformational challenges. While we helped develop a compelling user interfaces, we also helped technology develop RESTful APIs and build the Proof-of-Concept.

The biggest outcome of our design method is that it helps unravel our clients vision in a more compelling manner. It builds impressive product interfaces that charms the end users, while helping technology teams to architect and build most modern technology standards with least of the time-waste.