Healthcare: Private Market Place Design

Client: hCentive, Inc.
Engagement: User Experience Design, Branding & Visual Design, Client Management

Every major healthcare provider is considering building the marketplace of their health plans to help consumers, as individuals or businesses, buy the plans online. But there is real dearth of good solutions that provides the necessary features, connectivities with other exchanges and also work as easy and intuitive as the end user may expect.

hCentive is the innovator in healthcare IT and builds complex technology solutions for various healthcare providers. But they needed an expert who can help build a compelling User Experience model that can make their SAAS product simple, intuitive and branded for their client’s needs.

Prady was commissioned to help hCentive improve the overall User Experience of product suite, advice the management and coach the multidisciplinary team on UX methods, design processes and client communications.

This involved designing various customer portals, building new information architecture and testing the solutions with various client teams. This engagement also required Prady to lead multidisciplinary team of designers, business analysts, product managers and technologists to build the solution.